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Genre: Drama / Biography Loving torrent Loving free download
Country: United State
Time: 123 min
Year: 2016
Age: 10+
Directed by: Jeff Nichols
Joel Edgerton, Ruth Negga, Michael Shannon |

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Racism - a shameful phenomenon in some countries, even at the end of the 20th century took place to be monstrous laws and prosecution of persons entering into interracial marriages in the United States. The state of Virginia guaranteed for this crime a real prison sentence and expulsion beyond the state for up to a quarter of a century. "Loving" - is not just the name of the heroes of the picture, it is the red thread, emphasizing the reverent and loving relationship with one another in the face terrible prospects of racial discrimination.
Mildred, a pretty white girl with no memory in love with a black guy Richard decides to marry him, spit on public opinion. A couple goes to the looser in this regard, Washington. Simple heart and soul sincere in their feelings guys come from the working environment, no idea what kind of justice hammer will fall on their heads on their return to their places of origin.
Litigation Virdzhniya state condemned interracial marriage for newlyweds, sent to serve his prison sentence and sent to the 25 years of the state border. Promayavshis more liberal states in North America for several years, Mildred persuaded her husband to launch an unprecedented trial for their rights and return to their historical homeland.
trial Case "Loving vs. Virginia" Unique in the history of the country, which lasted several years, ended in favor of the plaintiffs, they are allowed to, finally, on the basis of full regain home. The precedent has played a significant role for all in love with a person not of their race who want to legalize their relationship. Racial America was broken within the body of the Law, although prejudices still wandered and corrupting society, giving a reason to create racial sects, but now they were all outlawed.
So, the courage of two people who survived the persecution of the authorities, initiated and implemented a further step in the establishment of the United States law. True and pure love Mildred and Richard more than 50 years ago paved the way for the same as they are loyal to each other's hearts. The suffering of one pair of fully recouped and prevented thousands of happy newlyweds after them. During this marriage characters in the movie and it was captured on the pages of indelible history of the country.dle templates freefilm online
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